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Cranberry Plum Soy Candle

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A succulent blend of tart cranberry and mulberry, accented with luscious plum, and supported by an apricot, fig nectar. 

High-quality, hand poured soy wax
Natural, zinc-free and lead-free wick
Approximate Burn Times:
14 ounces     Over 100 hours
7 ounces        Over 60 hours
Our 1-ounce soy shot wax melts are
recommended for use in a UL Listed
wax warmer and will provide
many hours of fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
True to fragrance

Great holiday scent all these lovely candles ,so true to the scent , will y buying alot more !

Shari Bishop
Not a fan

I’m sorry, I don’t c are for it at all. You sent me a sample of Cranberry Relish and I LOVE that one, wish I would have ordered a jar of that one.

Debra M. Allen
Cranberry Plum

Pleasant smell, long lasting, burns even; no soy wax left! I will definitely be a regular customer!

Lydia Cecil
Very faint scent

I love that these candles burn clean. Keep your wick trimmed! But, the Cider Donut has been the only one of 3 that has had a distinguishable aroma. I have ordered more, different scents that I am waiting to receive. Of course, I ordered the Cider Donut again. It’s one of the five I ordered. If there is little to no scent in the shipment I’m expecting, my ordering will probably cease. But if you are not interested in a pleasant aroma, they do burn cleaner than 16 other brands I’ve purchased. I do buy for fragrance and clean burning, so I’m really hoping I won’t be disappointed when the next batch of candles arrives.

Sunil Gupta
Wonderful candles!

I first tried this candles after a purchase at Christkindlmarkt and I am hooked! Lovely scents, they burn nicely. These candles are making the pandemic a little more bearable!