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Hot Cocoa Soy Candle

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Cocoa...but not chocolate! This awakening scent is true to its form.

High-quality, hand poured soy wax
Natural, zinc-free and lead-free wick
Approximate Burn Times:
14 ounces     Over 100 hours
7 ounces        Over 60 hours
Our 1-ounce soy shot wax melts are
recommended for use in a UL Listed
wax warmer and will provide
many hours of fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Morganne Mease
Customer From Grange Fair

After buying a few candles at the Grange Fair and burning them at home I purchased three large candles from the website for my mom for Christmas! Thank you!

Kasandra Hammer

Smelling like I'm baking brownies 🖤

Robert Hardy
Great candle

Very strong burn scent, and burns slow. We will be buying more.

Lauren L
Not strong enough

A good scent, but I had higher hopes it would be stronger. Most of the candles I've bought from this company burn extremely well and fill the room with powerful scent. This one could only be smelled if you were sitting a few inches in front of it burning, not by walking into the room.