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Seaside Mist Soy Candle

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Beach florals lightly misted with the fresh ocean air.

High-quality, hand poured soy wax
Natural, zinc-free and lead-free wick
Approximate Burn Times:
14 ounces     Over 100 hours
7 ounces        Over 60 hours
Our 1-ounce soy shot wax melts are
recommended for use in a UL Listed
wax warmer and will provide
many hours of fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Terri White
Love this scent

Love this sense


Smells wonderful

Julie Martin
Little to no scent

Purchase a variety of candles, thought the 1st candle which was Roasted Pinecones may have been a bad batch, it this candle had no scent either. Very sad

My favorite candles!

You are not allowed to ever stop making these! Haha. I tried these last year when I was trying to find the soy candle that was safe for my pets and me, found this small business so I gave them a try. I got a lot of Christmas ones and that was really great, my favorite summer one is Seaside Mist. Such a light, refreshing scent. They last forever! Bonus, they donate a portion to veterans. Great job!

Debra Summers
Seaside mist soy candle is such a refreshing scent --it makes the entire house smell so clean and...

love the 100 hr burn time on your candles; I have never had such a quality candle that not only last longer than others, but is not an overpowering fragrance and is just light and fresh.