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Sweet Georgia Peach Soy Candle

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Smells like fresh, ripe, juicy peaches.

High-quality, hand poured soy wax
Natural, zinc-free and lead-free wick
Approximate Burn Times:
14 ounces     Over 100 hours
7 ounces        Over 60 hours
Our 1-ounce soy shot wax melts are
recommended for use in a UL Listed
wax warmer and will provide
many hours of fragrance.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Love the clean burn

My favorite thing about these candles is that if you keep the wick trimmed they burn clean. Aroma consistency varies, but it’s always strong initially. For me, it’s the clean burn that’s equally important. When burn and aroma are consistent, you can’t beat it!!!


Bought the candle for my daughter who really likes peaches but was too late in the season to get summer smells. Got the Sweet Georgia Peach Soy Candle for her and she loves it. Thank you.

Candles for a cause

I am currently burning the Sweet Georgia Peach candle. I don’t think it smells much like a peach (I live in GA), but it does have a nice fragrance. It is burning right down the center, so a lot of wasted wax. Hopefully, the wax will start to burn more evenly.

Sweet georgia peach

Awesome thanks!!!

Sweet Georgia Peach is amazing!

I googled "best smelling peach candles" and Beaver Mountain Candle Company came right up. The scent and throw of this candle is amazing and I will be reordering. I ordered a couple of other scents but haven't tried them yet. If you love peach as much as I do, you will not be disappointed with this one! The company ships fast and even included a little sample or two! Great deals and this company supports veterans! 5*****